Wednesday, October 29, 2008

So wuhdahfuh??

So walt p and reggie yall think that shit is cute. well its not!!!! I cant follow yall's blogs and reggie I cant commment on urs! Fix that shit! 


Ok, so...

between the six of us and these blogs, I should stay THOROUGHLY entertained on the daily...
I heart yall Negroes!

P.s.- Lmao at my iPod touch automatically capitalizing "Negroes"

Back to theory I go...

P.s.s- Walt P. and Reggie, your blogs won't let me follow bueno...fix it =( please & thank you

Sunday, October 26, 2008

im not broken...

im just not sharpened right now. God has given me the tools to cope with watever comes my way and i will. things happen, life goes on. all i need is 5 mins and ill be able handle the things that come, the bullshyt of the day, the tom-fuckin-foolery that is to be known from this day forward as "the day that never happened".
Youve prayed for me and i thank God for all of you.
Youve stood by me and right now i have to walk away.
My life is like this, this is the way it is.
you, bestfriend, are my favorite. i love you more than words. and watever it is, im here. because whatever this is you were there. held my hand, and held me. dragged me outta bed, down the stairs, to the car, got me drunk, and took me to the girls. tru friends.
martin and coretta, on deck.
i dnt mean to run from the truth but fuck it im runnin. i cnt handle everything at once.
so what else?? what else is gonna go wrong today?? fuck it whats gonna go right?!
So here is the blog to let it all out, and now its time to sleep.
I sleep when its bad, i sleep when its good, i sleep when ever i cnt face things.
we had a good cry,a damn good cry, and we've held each other, heads on shoulders, hand in hand. you, my sweet babies, are my angels, my God sent angels. i pray for you and in this, my time of need, i thank you for your prayers. more than that, i thank you for simply being you.
i love you, i swetagod i do.


Stating a fact

I know noticed that when we're all together we there's not much activity on the Crayonz blogg...i thought i would just throw that out there...

PS. I should stress that when there's a problem with one of us its everyones problem. You can't have a full crayon box if one is broken..


Friday, October 17, 2008

reunited and it feels so good!

so we're sitting here, all of us, sitting here in club 608! (where we stay up late and everythink is great) but im just so damn happy we're all together-Me (magenta) Periwinkle, Turquoise, Navy, and of course Lavenderr!
the Crayonz are shuttin Hale Hall down! fuck ya! we in this bitch
you know what?! scratch that....we are reunited, kickin it like soccer, we'll probably get a noise fine, and it all feels so good!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


so i just read this whole convo and im certified rolling! yall niggas need help!
but guess where i am and who im with?!
im at DORI'S! with, you guessed it, DORIAN! yayy!
and we're going to macdonalds! target! bed bath and beyond! and walmart!

but tell me why wink is singing the fisher price commercial jingle song "play laugh grow" hilarious!

That's fine Peri

I used to date an Alfonzo...and he was hott!
yes lets go with Alfonzo.

And that's fine ho i like juice boxes!!


Screw you hoe!!

I didn't feel like changing the font color!

Just like now!

So stick that in your juice box and suck it!!!!


P.S.-Ok, Alison did sound pretty gay but, Albert, bruh?

How about Alfonso?? That sounds hot as hell...(sexy hot, not heat hot)


Okay guys..clearly my love isn't as important to you.
So I'll sacrifice this one time even though we're getting all new music.
But I'll spend my Tuesday night with my Crayonz.
Instead of with Allison, who is newly repaired.

PS i think I'm gonna change her name to Albert some thing about that last sentence made me feel slightly homo.

PSS i felt like you judged me with that last blog Gent. And Peri try to stick to your color...i thought it was Lavenderr writing...



You STILL have orchestra, ho? Tell them that you're not allowed to come tonight....

whamp whamp

so im stopping by to announce my non-existent love life and how that really is ok with me because i have 3 boos! and my boos will beat/roxx the soxx off of any dude! (no pun-no homo)
i love yall hoez, man yall my niggas
i dnt even wanta talk about how terrible this break was, so just hurry home and we'll listen to Turq's break, i guaran-damn-tee its better than all of ours! But what you mean hoe you wnt be back til 6?! and you STILL have orchestra! fake bro.


Heart felt?

Sooo I've come t the conclusion that I'm not good with heart felt paragraphs like you my crayons are. Sooo I'm just gonna stick with heart felt sentences...or phrases...idk. But i miss you guys and i won't be back till like 6 or something like that.

PS I told Venom about our band and he was oddly supportive and wants to see an album cover. And clearly since we have like 80 singles we should pick one, have a photo shoot and make an album cover..'

PSS i vote the single should be I like your face.


It's funny how...

weird the four of us probably seem to other people...We have our inside jokes, our on-the-spot songwriting and dancing in the rotunda regardless of who's there, we have our no puns, all puns, and hella puns, our British accents, our pet names that sometimes are curse words too, our excessive cursing (ok, well maybe that's just me), our parties in 608 where NOTHING gets done and even though we complain about it, we're actually pretty cool with it, The Crayonz, The Sticky Bandits (Stick icky ickyyyyyyyyy), our convos that make NO sense to anyone but us, our effed up love lifes (AND THAT INCLUDES ALL OF US), the random shyt that makes each one of us different!, our blogs where anyone can read but only 3 other people actually understand what and who the fuck we're talking about, our different tastes in music that all kinda overlap somewhere in the middle, our blunt and brutally honest advice that probably says way more than any sugar-coated/beating around the bush shyt ever will, the way we try to be supportive especially when it involves skipping class!, the way when one is missing our whole dynamic is thrown off, the way when we're all together, everything is back right again you can sense it instantly...Gosh, what the fuck else is there? IDK This blog doesn't even begin to break the ice on US...

But seriously...Just sitting here thinking, I used to be a serial dater. I always had to have a boo, most of the times because I was afraid of what life would be like without one, but CLEARLY, I can truthfully honestly say eff a boo, lets just get us a condo and some cats...

U guys definitely prove that quality is soooooo much better than quantity.

OK, I'm seriously about to go pack now! By the time ya'll hoes read this I'll probably be back in the Ville! Lets get shyt poppin!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Im late!

OMG i so saw this only after I wrote my "Bout time" blog, but its ok, ill just reiterate it, I heart u guys so much!!!! although the weekend went by fast it seems like time just moved by really slowly without u guys here, it was just kinda empty.... and I kno the whole Josh theory and Ill be fine but you guys fill a space in my heart that he will never be able to. You guys fill the place of friendship, the kind of friends you wish you'd grown up with all your life and the kind of friends you pray for and that pray for you, the kind you thank God for even tho they showed up late. Its all new beginnings, new laughter, great times, sad times, just all around GOOD FOR LIFE KINDA FRIENDS!!!! I love you guys sooooo much! And I agree with Wink lets not speak of evil things like Thanksgiving and Winter Break thats almost blasphemous!!! Love yall!

- Lav


I miss my crayons!
I miss coloring with you guys!!
That blog touched me.
I honestly don't know what we're gonna do for Christmas break..

I love you ho's!
And i don't love many!
And Gent i don't have baby limbs ho!!
Where the hell are Lavenderr?!!
And Peri im not a damn poodle!

I like your you like mine?

Sunday, October 12, 2008

whatever shall we do....

when we are separated for thanksgiving-let alone winter break!
i decided to post this blog with the Crayonz because its for all of us. i really am not sure if i contain the independence to go an entire month without...
Frankie's (lavenderr) very peculiar noises, her big smile, and "OH HANNA" without her patterns and textures
Dori's (wink) ridiculously hilarious random ass statements and condensing of perfectly fine word "soob" -?- burf?! no bueno.
Leandria's (turq) my little kidd, my baby sister, my sunshine...with her timeless wisdom and baby limbs. "shut up, ass"
who will i judge!? who is going to remind me of the repercussions of such actions?! who's not gonna understand?!
cheers ta you girlys (british accent) you truly make my day and night and lunches and breakfasts and dinners and movies and walks and talks, you truly make my life happy.
hurry home and lets be together again, get lost in our own world, make everyone jealous, call the bestfriends, do/not do homework, lets eat and watch frankie lose her mind, lets smile, lets laugh, lets cry, lets just......... lets be together again.