Sunday, September 28, 2008

missing pt 2

Awww I heart you guys so much this is what is feels like wen yall are away from me...

:( crayons being shot by a .22 calibur slug...


omg! hav anyone seen ------------------>>>>>
we sent her to atlanta with "navy" our newest member and we havesnt seen them since!
its not funny, the joke is over! BRING YA ASSZ HOME!
GEEEZZZ!!! i think we're going thru withdrawal, all bad.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Turquoise here!!

Sooooo its me kidds!!

The one and only Turq!!
Turquoise that is.

I finally got on this ho!
And i feel like its better because im here.

Hearts to the band members!



Lavenderrr is in the house!!!

What up world!!! Welcome to our new blog thanks for stopping by to check us out, lol. To my girls check out the graphics I worked for about a day on this shyt and its soooooo dope. One question though, where the fuck is Le???????? She isnt an admin yet tell that ho to check her email. News update, JOSH HAS MY PHONE!!!!! So I have no way to contact you guys, if yall happen to be blogging, come save me from my room!!! Im out!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

magenta's checkin in

ficky ficky ficky uuuhhhhh!!!! what up world. the Crayonz are officially in this bitch! we'll be using this blog to chronolize our journeys as a team, to memorialize our moments as a foursome, and to savor the days as friends.
i hope you all enjoy our adventures kuz trust we enjoyed making them.

Peri-to the-winkle!

Yo yo yo

This is the inaugural post to basically let the world know how effing awesome The Crayonz are...

So there. You now know and you WILL be held accountable!!!!