Tuesday, December 30, 2008

love love

idk why im posting this here instead of my own blog but i think its important to note the things that are happening to us all. im so proud of us! falling in love, pursuing new love, maintaining old love, and remebering why we ever fell in love. as we all do what we do in our separate live with our separate guys, keep God first of course. but dnt be afraid to be happy, i think i was always to be too happy... this is my advice. keep it simple, maintain the love you had from the beginning. never let labels and titles effect what you have. cross the bridges when they come, there is no point in stressing situations that havnt unfolded. smile, dnt be so concerned with keeping up this guard, let the good morning/ goodnight texts make your day/your night, if you miss him tell him, if he matters, like "he" matters...let yourself have him. im not saying im falling in love but im happy and i was always afraid to be happy. but girls like us, the brightest crayons in the box, we deserve to be happy.

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